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Printable October 2022 Calendar

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October 2022 is an extraordinary month due to its weather conditions, treats, and heritage. As the Northern hemisphere gears up for harvest season during October, I’ve compiled a list of 10 fun things to do this October in Northern USA.

October 2022 Calendar
October 2022 Calendar

Nowadays, October’s harvest could also mean the pickin’ of perfect pumpkins for Halloween, or could be an opportunity to collect stamps for your child’s school fundraiser.

Advantages of Using Printable Calendar October 2022

Blank October 2022 Calendar
Blank October 2022 Calendar

If by any chance you are the kind of person that is into online calendar and planner, the October 2022 calendar printable is a must have for you. Its convenient layout enables you to effectively plan out your activities without any kind of hindrances. This is also a great choice for those who want to keep their tasks always at hand. This can be done by download all the important dates from this month into a computer or a mobile device setting reminders to alert them if any deadlines or appointments are approaching.

Important days in October 2022

October 2022 Calendar with Holidays
October 2022 Calendar with Holidays

Do you need a printable October calendar that shows 31 days? Or an editable online October calendar that allows you to add your own appointments, birthdays, and special events? On our October Calendar you will find 31 days and two major holidays:Columbus Day (Monday, October 10, 2022) and Halloween (Monday, October 31, 2022).

Columbus Day

Today is one of the 10 federal holidays of the year in the United States. Since 1971, the second Monday of October has been celebrated in the United States as a federal holiday called Columbus Day.

Columbus Day celebrations initially began to be celebrated as a cultural day, especially by Italian Americans. With the zeal of Italian immigrants who came to work in the mines in Colorado, Colorado became the first state to declare Columbus Day a statewide holiday in 1905. In 1937, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared today a federal holiday and wanted it to be celebrated across the country. Since 1971, the second Monday of every October has been celebrated as Columbus Day.


Halloween is a holiday celebrated around the world on the 31st of October every year. On the evening of October 31st, children usually wear scary costumes such as ghosts or witches and put on make-up in similar ways.

Halloween was formed as a Celtic tradition and spread to almost the whole world with migrations and conquests over the centuries. An example of this is when millions of Irish, whose origins were Celtic, immigrated to the Americas during and after the Great Irish Famine, spreading the Halloween culture to the Americas. Its spread in America can be seen as the keystone in the spread of Halloween in many places.

October 2022 Calendar Templates

Printable October 2022 Calendar
Printable October 2022 Calendar

October 2022 Blank Calendar: When it comes to the world wide calendar, we need not to mention how important it is. This is because we use it time and again for various reasons. If you are a student, then you must know that you can easily download October 2022 Blank Calendar from here. Apart from this, if you want to know about the dates such as Thanksgiving 2022 or Octoberfest then simply look out for it.


Onerva Kari

My name is Onerva Kari, I mostly design something printables. There are many awesome monthly calendars on the web, but most of them are created for you to print monthly. Here I've made awesome calendars that you can print yearly or even both yearly and monthly. You can go further by putting the calendar in a frame and hang it on wall or door for example! Download and print any calendar you like. The calendars range from January to December and also Yearly and Blank. Hope you guys enjoy the calendars!

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