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Printable September 2023 Calendar

    The first day of September 2023 is the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the first month of meteorological fall and sometimes referred to as SeptemberOctober (and also colloquially as harvest season).

    September 2023 Calendar
    September 2023 Calendar

    September is the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. That means it’s time for back-to-school preparations, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween costumes—and our annual contest! We’ll be revealing nine new posts in nine different categories over nine days. September is a month of transitions.

    Take some time to relax and recharge during September. It is a great time to spend some quality time at home while you wait for life to begin again in October.

    Advantages of Using Printable Calendar September 2023

    Blank September 2023 Calendar
    Blank September 2023 Calendar

    Using the printable September 2023 calendar is essential, for most scheduling and planning activities. We at, just like you believe that a printable September 2023 monthly calendar should be available for everyone.

    A blank printable calendar can prove to be of great help in organizing your schedule for every other day. Printable September 2023 calendars will remind you about your appointments, meetings, and other important information that you need to remember. You can organize all your activities in such a manner, that time is not wasted anywhere.

    Important days in September 2023

    September 2023 Calendar with Holidays
    September 2023 Calendar with Holidays

    September holds a special place in the hearts of many people…and a place in a lot of calendars. For us, it’s easy because we’ve already taken care of it! We’ve included all 30 days for our September 2023 calendar and labeled the two major landmarks for you: Labor Day (Monday, September 4, 2023) and the First Day of Autumn (Saturday, September 23, 2023)

    Labor Day

    In the USA, unlike other countries, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of every September due to the economic and social rights of workers.

    Labor Day, which became official with a law enacted by the US Congress in 1894 as a part of respect for workers, is celebrated as a federal holiday covering all states on the first Monday of September every year.

    It is claimed that the first step of Labor Day started with the protests started in Melbourne, Australia in 1856 to reduce the working hours of stone and construction workers. However, its worldwide spread dates back to the acceptance of the “workers’ common holiday” at the Paris Congress of the International Organization of the Fraternity of Workers in 1889, as a result of the struggle of workers in Chicago, USA, for an 8-hour working day as of May 1, 1886.

    Seeing the revolutionary character of the Haymarket events that led to the emergence of May 1, state governments declared September 5 a public holiday, starting with Oregon in 1887. The American government, headed by Grover Cleveland at the time, formalized it by enacting nationwide recognition laws in 1894.

    September 2023 Calendar Templates

    Printable September 2023 Calendar
    Printable September 2023 Calendar

    After a hot summer it is a good time to think about autumn, which will come soon. The time to be prepared for this new season. You have a couple of months ahead, so it is a good idea to start shopping for clothes and accessories after the month of August.

    The September calendar for 2023 can help you find exciting activities to look forward to in September 2023. September 2023 calendar is probably one of the most beautiful calendars where you can download customizable templates. The main advantage of this calendar for planners is that it has lots of space for writing.

    Enjoy our gorgeous September 2023 Calendars !


    Onerva Kari

    My name is Onerva Kari, I mostly design something printables. There are many awesome monthly calendars on the web, but most of them are created for you to print monthly. Here I've made awesome calendars that you can print yearly or even both yearly and monthly. You can go further by putting the calendar in a frame and hang it on wall or door for example! Download and print any calendar you like. The calendars range from January to December and also Yearly and Blank. Hope you guys enjoy the calendars!

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